Love for Sale!

Due to popular demand, Lumberjack Love is for sale on Etsy! Click here for purchasing details.

Lumberjack Love

Well, it’s late summer in Maine, which is apparently the time that Mainers have truckloads of firewood dumped onto their lawns and then spend the next several weeks stuffing it into every crevice of their home or office.

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Sunkhaze Meadows: Bugspray, Boots, and Binoculars

Sunkhaze Meadows NWR is a 2014 Maine Natural Heritage Hike. For more information, visit my Natural Heritage Hikes page.

On Friday, I began the trip that I had been waiting for all summer: Aroostook County, northernmost in Maine.

On my way there, I stopped at Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Reserve just outside of Orono, where I found the wildlife right away. Or rather, it found me.


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Art Camp!

I was a special guest today at Crazy Art Camp at the Children’s Discovery Museum in Augusta!

After watching me demonstrate drawing an antler using a plexiglass grid to get the scale right, the campers created their own leaf drawings using homemade dental floss-and-card stock grids.

Conserving land, one brushstroke at a time


The Kennebec Land Trust (KLT) has turned to artists to help them protect Howard Hill, the iconic forested backdrop to Maine’s state house in Augusta. In a series of short outings, artists are invited to create plein air paintings, drawings, and photographs inspired by the landscape. Many of them will beĀ for sale at the Harlow Gallery between October 12 and November 1, with proceeds supporting KLT’s acquisition of the land. Continue reading