Warming up to the Cold Shower

Forgive my lack of punctuation, for I am using an English keyboard set up for Spanish, and I dont know where certain keys are hiding.

Well, I made it to El Cruce in the Talamanca, four hours from San Jose by bus.  It only took some of my bad Spanish accompanied by a little arm waving.  Im currently located between Cahuita and Puerto Viejo on the Carribbean coast, for those of you who know Costa Rica.  I met up with Bill, my boss for the month, and tomorrow is the first day of fish sampling!  ANAI is also very much involved in sea turtle conservation, so it sounds like I may have a slim chance of getting to see a leatherback!!!

I live on the second story corner room of a more or less open air dormatory, equipped with a mosquito net and a gecko.  Im pretty excited about the gecko.  I have two very friendly neighbors from Holland.  They speak English, as a nice bonus.  This is quite possibly the most humid place that I have ever visited, with the possible exception of Tiputini in the Amazon.  Oddly, the cold shower are merely cool, and actually pretty nice.  There is supermarket down the street, and a resturant, where they serve both rice and beans and arroz y frijoles, which are apparently different things depending on the language in which you order.

Well, I have to return this computer to its owner.  More when I have another opportunity.


  1. laura

    hi kelly!
    so glad you’re blogging about costa rica! lots of luck for your first few days with ANAI. I hope everything goes well. Say hi to your dad for me.
    can’t wait to see some cool pictures of your adventures. I bet it’s ridiculously humid now, so hope your paper doesn’t go moldy 🙂 Make sure you post some pics of your work, I’m really keen to see what you do for them. How long are you in CR for?
    Love and Luck

    • kellyjellybelly

      Hey Laura,

      Yeah, “humid” is an understatement. Today is so wet that I can’t use pen and ink because the ink won’t dry :p. But that’s okay, preliminaries all day… Plus it’s totally beautiful here and completely worth it. When I’m not drawing I get to run about in the rainforest in chest waders scooping up fish as my boss electroshocks them. Generally, we look like Ghostbusters.

      My posts have slowed down because it’s so rare that I have a computer to use. I think another computer is arriving tomorrow, so that will speed things up a bit 🙂 Oh yeah, I’m here till March 18th.

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