Well, today I began my day at 5 am with a thunderstorm.  We will remain out of the field, due to the turbidity of the streams that we monitor, for at least a day, perhaps two.  Bill is griping mightily about this, as it is severely screwing up his schedule.  But, I have a couple of minutes, so here are some pictures from the last few days*:

*it was only raining for one of them, but today’s pictures show an disproportionate representation of rain.  More pretty shots coming, I promise!

Some drawing by candlelight.  The power was out for a couple of hours.

A card game that Matthias and I have now played about 329870174 rounds of, each one meticulously recorded.  Not much else to do when it rains…

Yesterday’s sampling site, Hotel Creek.

A poison dart frog in mid-leap headed directly into my field notes!

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