Maribel’s Farm

On our most recent fish-sampling endeavor, we sampled a creek that ran through a farm belonging to Maribel, one of the women who work here at ANAI.  About 5 minutes into the sampling, rain began pouring down, so we went up to Maribel’s house to wait for the stream to clear up.  She took us on a tour of her farm, where she was growing starfruit, pineapples (baby pineapples are so cute!), guavas, sugar cane, and a whole bunch of other things.  My favorite part was the “miracle fruit” – a sweet little red berry that you can eat.  After you eat the berry, everything that you eat tastes sweet.  I was skeptical, but I ate the berry, followed by a lemon.  The lemon tasted so sweet I gobbled it down.  Amazing… I wonder if there was some sort of chemical reaction between the berry and the acid of the lemon?

We had rice and beans for lunch, and Maribel climbed a palm tree (with a ladder) and hacked down a bunch of coconuts using a machete.  She then chiseled each coconut into a little cup, so that we could drink the coconut milk.



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