A Tale of Two Dinos

Last night was the official hART of BC opening in downtown Binghamton.  I’ve been spending a day or so per week, for the past couple of months, painting two fiberglass dinosaurs at a studio set up in the Oakdale Mall.  Each artist is assigned a sponsor, and works with that sponsor to decide upon a design.  My sponsors are Audio Classics and Coughlin & Gerhart law firm, hence, the jukebox and law themes.  The past few weeks have been particularly enjoyable, since I’m normally a loner in my work, and have had the pleasure of basking in the company of some of Binghamton’s artistic geniuses.  The law dinosaur is based on an original design by installation artist Kry Bastian, and will soon be wearing a judge’s wig, which is currently awaiting it’s turn to be dipped in fiberglass.

The cartoony-style fiberglass dinos are based on Gronk from the comic BC.  Hart, the creator of the comics, was a Binghamton local.

Oh, and just to clarify some confusion that drunkards in Binghamton seem to be having, the dinosaurs are NOT pinatas, and will not produce candy if you hit them with a crowbar.


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