Can you do this with your tap water?

Well, my neighbors in Dimock can.  Oh, look, they were even on the news last night!

These are the black and white (photocopyable) and color versions of a flyer put together for some crazy-awesome mofos in NYC who are gonna bring the gas drilling industry to its knees. They’re creating an anti-fracking movement called FrackAction and organizing protests at DEC offices all over the state.

They are violently opposed to the “flammable tap water” side effect of natural gas drilling.  Yes, it happens.  You can see a humorous video of this serious situation at the bottom of the Gasland website.

For more information on natural gas drilling, hydrofracking, etc., please check out (NY) and (PA).

Go get ’em, NY!

P.S. If you’re interested in using this image for a good cause, please email me at


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