Gas Stock

There was a pretty epic event last weekend called Gas Stock.  It was a concert/rally at the Luzerne County Fairgrounds, where 10+ performers, countless speakers, and a whole bunch of great vendors showed up to air their grievances and share information about the impending natural gas boom here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

My contribution was small but meaningful: I designed the shirts for the event to be printed on a variety of different colored shirts.  They very nearly sold out (note to self: people don’t like wearing orange, but they do like blue and black), which raised nearly $500 for the cause and did a lot for my morale as an artist.

Well, I guess a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some images from Gas Stock and some glamour shots of the shirts!

For even MORE pictures of Gas Stock (featuring bonus shots of me in a red Halliburton jumpsuit) visit my dad’s site, here.


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