…and not a drop to drink

Last month, a billboard company attempted to install a billboard on some property near the Dimock, PA, Cabot Oil and Gas office.  Within one hour, a threat was made by the owner of the property where the billboard stood, and the crew was forced to take the offending billboard down.  For the next several weeks it remained in storage, made a special appearance at Gas Stock, and finally made it to it’s rightful place next to the highway in Montrose, PA.  I sure hope it’s insured.

The billboard features three actual photos of contaminated tap water that appeared near natural gas drilling sites in Pennsylvania.  Color ranges from a subtle gray to a light ochre to a rich mahogany, flavors include iron with undertones of acrylonitrile, toluene, and chloroform.

I’ve gathered a nice collection of photos from around both Pennsylvania and other parts of the U.S. for this project, and my blog seems like a good place to display them.  Hopefully this archive of original photos will preempt any criticism I may receive about the photos being Photoshopped (I removed the background, which was already white. Nothing more).

Please do NOT use these images without my written permission.


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