Happy Halloween!

Screw candy, here are some zombies.

The project: Zombies Occupy Dimock. For those of you who know me, it won’t surprise you that two of my favorite things are 1. costume parties and 2. bashing the natural gas industry.

In a recent turn of events, the PA DEP (Department of Environmental Protection, or as I like to call it, Don’t Expect Protection) gave Cabot Oil and Gas permission to stop delivering clean drinking water to the Dimock families whose well water it contaminated in September of 2008. In an outrage, some folks aroun’ these parts grabbed our pitchforks and…. just kidding. We had a nice dinner at a local Italian restaurant and decided to organize a series of protests. We wanted the first one to be fun, so we made it a Halloween party of sorts. The graphics have been spotted on Occupy Wall Street, Food and Water Watch, and StateImpact by NPR. There’s a great write-up on the event in The Scranton Times.

I take particular pride in a cardboard graveyard that I assembled which represents each county in Pennsylvania. The sizes of the gravestones are related to the number of drilling permits issued in that county, based on research by Frack Track, so it’s an information graphic of sorts.

Here are some of the event highlights:

Please visit www.dontexpectprotection.com for downloadable versions of the posters, the water ration cards, a pretend gas lease and other fun things!

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