speak loudly and carry a big camera.

Apparently this is a good way to make people think that you are part of the press. Today, I was mistaken for a reporter from the Scranton Times on several occasions, most notably by the wife of the provost of the University of Scranton, who took me aside to ask me to send my photos to someone at the U. It was confusing.

Really, I was lurking about a Habitat for Humanity house dedication ceremony because my friend Hobbs, the Most Convincing Person in Scranton, had wrangled me into donating a pen and ink drawing of the house to be used in the dedication ceremony. Then he asked me to bring a big camera to the actual dedication ceremony and take lots of pictures. Not really a hard sell.

It was a lovely ceremony that took place behind the house on a spot that will probably be a grassy knoll in a few months. There was hand shaking and coffee cake and a happy looking family beaming at their new house.

More photos available at my Facebook fan page, here!

Stay tuned for the compliment to this post: “I am not a Pedophile: The Unexpected Downsides of Speaking Softly and Carrying a Big Camera.”


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