don’t freak out, I drew your shoes.*

*also, I blogged about it. eep.

For those of you who don’t communicate with me directly, you may be surprised to know that I’ve recently moved to Scranton, PA. I live in a nice house about four blocks from downtown, where I pay less than half of the average rent in Santa Cruz. I also have a new housemate. Like many of the people, jobs, and objects in my life, he is a direct result of my rummaging on Craigslist. Also, he is (miraculously) very much like me (probably because he’s not from around here :p) except a bit smarter/a bit more informed/not prone to living with his head in the clouds. We watch The Daily Show at night and he fills me in on the events of the day when I don’t get all of the jokes. It works out.

Also, nearly every day he leaves a pair of Converse One Star sneakers artfully arranged near the front door. After about a week, I couldn’t help myself, so I drew them. I scrambled to complete the sketch before he got home so that he would not actually open the front door and find me caught in the act. When I breached the topic and showed him the drawing of his shoes, which later became a print, he was unbothered. I suppose some might find it a little strange.

Anyway, this lead me to start thinking about the advantages of living with (or being good friends with) an artist. No, we (I) might not be particularly likely to pay attention to all details of a normal conversation, or necessarily always be able to buy a round of drinks in a bar, but we have our perks. Behold:

1. You will become a muse. I tend to hang around people that I find inspirational, or at the very least, interesting. The more time that you spend with me, the more you will seep into my subconscious and into my work. If you’re into, say, having your sneakers drawn. Or allowing me to base my class assignments on something that I know you will like. (One of my professors at UCSC told me that, when you’re stumped for inspiration, you should think of a friend and create a piece for him/her). Very often, this results in point #2:

2. You get free stuff.  I am not prone to giving away my work for free. That is why this point is special. If I REALLY like you, or have been inspired by you in some way, you might get some free art out of me occasionally. Maybe enough to fill considerable wall space in your room over the years. This counts doubly if you have dated me, as a couple of men that I can think of now have small galleries in their homes.

3. I’m a great decorator! Seriously, I think about decorating an apartment the way that many women plan their weddings. This might be because I rarely, if ever, stay anywhere long enough to actually decorate. I have been picking up artwork, frames, knick-knacks, and kitchen items from flea markets for the last five years. And I’m sure my housemates would agree that I have some very… unique (cough)… items.

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