Hands Across Riverdale! (get your butt over here)

Hi everyone!

Today is one of those days when I am going to talk about fracking. I can tell you’re excited.

More specifically, there’s a company called Aqua PVR (Aqua America + Penn Virginia Resources) that recently purchased a mobile home park in Jersey Shore, PA. The company will build a water withdrawl facility there, where they will remove up to three million gallons of water per day from the Susquehanna River for use in hydrofracking operations. Ya’ll know how much I love fracking!

Normally, that would be enough to piss me off, but to add insult to injury there is a lovely community of people living in Riverdale Mobile Home Park that are being displaced from their homes without adequate compensation that allows them to move their trailers. Aqua America has demanded that they leave the park before June 1. Several residents are still there, unable and unwilling to leave their home behind.

To quote Deb Eck, one of the remaining residents, “This park isn’t just a bunch of trailers with a bunch of people who don’t know each other. We’re all friends. We’re all neighbors. It’s a community. It’s one big family.” Are you crying yet? Good.

So, here’s the plan: Tonight (May 31) there will be a vigil at 6 pm commemorating Riverdale and its former residents. The vigil will be followed by camping and support of the residents when the big bad trucks arrive to start construction on Friday (June 1) morning. Here’s more info on the event, and here’s where you can join us on Facebook.

And, since this is supposed to be an art blog, here’s some art that you can use for your Facebook profile picture to show your support!


Riverdale residents Kevin June, Deb Eck, and her twins Amanda and Chevelle pay a visit to Aqua America CEO, Nick DeBenedictis’ mansion to protest the loss of their mobile home community.

It also comes in cover image flavor:



  1. Kris Neiss

    This makes me so angry. Wish I could be there. So sad for the residents, the river, the state, and the planet. Hope the news covers this.

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