Vermont, where Cabot aint nothin’ but a cheese

I moved to Burlington, Vermont. Every morning, I haul my bike to the highest point in town, and every evening I faceplant onto my twin air mattress in the enclosed porch that I call a bedroom. It’s the same temperature as the backyard, but slightly less breezy. The city busses keep me warm on the days that I don’t ride my bike; I generate plenty of body heat chasing them as they pull away.

I love my graduate program, my cohort (that’s what we call the rest of the class of ’14), my housemate, and even sometimes her cat. But you know what the best part is? Everyone loves Cabot. To Vermonters, Cabot is a local brand of CHEESE not affiliated with the natural gas nightmare of the same name. Even though I still twitch when I hear mention of The Company That Shall Not Be Named, my response has been reduced to minor PTSD. I even went to the Cabot showroom after class on Friday and ate cheese samples for dinner.

We’ll see how Thanksgiving break goes, when I shall return to PA…



  1. Charlie

    Ha! I’d never heard of an evil power company by that name. Cabot is also a small very cold little town where my girlfriend works sometimes… they will give you free cheese if you go there.

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