Borestone Mountain: The Great Oasis

 Borestone Mountain is a 2014 Maine Natural Heritage Hike. For more information, visit my Natural Heritage Hikes page.

Last Monday, I drove for an hour down a rutted, rocky dirt road only to find that it had washed out two miles before my destination. No cell signal. And I had a meeting in 15 minutes.

An hour and a half later, Alexandra, manager of Borestone Mountain Audubon Sanctuary, showed no sign of annoyance as she jumped up to greet me. The scene behind her was magnificent: Sunrise Pond in the foreground, Borestone Mountain looming just beyond. Over lunch, she explained what made this place special.


A really old drawing of a black-backed woodpecker.

Between the birdsongs and Borestone Mountain’s remarkable, peaceful silence, the landscape whispers of Robert Thomas Moore, an amateur ornithologist who bought a swath of mangled, clear-cut land, knowing that he would not see the ultimate prize – thousands of acres of recovered, mature forest – during his lifetime. Such foresight was unheard of in 1908 and was still revolutionary mid-century when Moore willed Borestone Mountain to Audubon. An oasis of 120-year-old mature forest surrounded by active timber harvesting, Borestone Mountain is now conserved, critical bird habitat thanks to the efforts of this unsung conservation revolutionary.


The view from the top (+ my finger).




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