Angel Falls

Angel Falls is a 2014 Maine Natural Heritage Hike. For more information, visit my Natural Heritage Hikes page.

An obstacle course of ripped out culverts and enormous potholes, the road that leads to Angel Falls is one of the roughest I’ve encountered. As we hiked in, Emily and I wondered aloud how this could possibly be one of the top five most popular trails in Maine, given how difficult it was to access. Surely Maine Trail Finder was mistaken.

After we reached the Falls we scaled a slope to the south for a better look and a lunch break. By the time we reached the bottom again, the once-empty pools had been filled with children and their families, more pouring in by the minute. On the way out, Emily and I discovered their trick – parking a mile down the road and hiking the last mile, avoiding the most difficult obstacles. Angel Falls is indeed worth hiking that extra mile.

Photos do justice to neither the Falls, nor the ruts in the road.





  1. Russell Ricks

    what part of Maine is this hike in? My wife Karen & I are moving to Presque Ise, Aroostook County, Maine in October of this year (2014) I am a full time artist / plein air painter. I will be working as an artist in residence at the Wintergreen Arts Center of one year & hope to get the art culture going there.

    • kellyjellybelly

      Hi Russell! Angel Falls in in Township D, south of Rangeley on Rt. 17.
      I visited again a couple of weeks ago and the road was much improved. I spent one weekend in Presque Isle at Aroostook State Park and it was lovely. I’ve heard Haystack Mountain and Number 9 Mountain are great hikes. The Maine Solar System is up there, too. It’s a giant (many miles long) scale replica of the solar system that parallels some of the major roads. Good luck!!

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